‚ÄčThe KSAR Trust was founded in 2002 by the current owner of nSynergy Group and Monarch Technology Ventures, Keith Redenbach. Keith Redenbach co-founded and set up a start-up IT business nSynergy with his brother, Karl Redenbach, in 2002 ("nSynergy"). Keith and Karl had co-founded and set up another business in 1999 (which they also still own) which funded the establishment of nSynergy. Campbell J Ray assisted in the set up of both of these businesses.


KSAR Trust

The KSAR Trust is the registered owner of shares in several Australian technology focussed companies and owns:

Statement about information that suggests, implies or states that "nSynergy" has been sold: To the knowledge of the KSAR Trust, such information is inaccurate and untrue. As the co-founder of nSynergy, Keith Redenbach can confirm that at no point has he consented to, or been provided with proper information as to, any such sale. Accordingly, Keith Redenbach retains and asserts all rights as to all intellectual and other property in, and ownership of, the nSynergy business he co-founded and still owns. All rights are fully reserved.

Correction to AFR Rich List 2015:

The list states Mr Peter Nguyen-Brown is one of the "Co-Founders, of nSynergy" and "...set up nSynergy, a Microsoft services provider, in 2002 and eventually sold..." the business.

These statements are inaccurate and untrue. In fact:

1. Keith Redenbach and Karl Redenbach set up nSynergy in 2002 with the assistance of Campbell J Ray.

2. KSAR Trust refers to the statement (on this site) about information that suggests, implies or states that "nSynergy" has been sold.